GRAPE:  100% Grenache Blanc.


VINIFICATION: Maceration during 3 days. Fermentation in 600-liter barrels with indigenous yeasts.

Aged 15 months in barrels on fine lees.

TASTING NOTES: Still white wine with natural and creamy flavors and a taste of minerals, fresh and elegant.

FOOD PAIRING: Galician Scalops, Roasted chicken with smashed potatoes, Foie-gras, rich Seafood, prawns, fish and rice dishes.

Tech Sheet:

Priorat D.O.C.a. is nowadays one of the most prestigious wine region all over the world. Unique. Sublime. The vines grow in poor, rocky soils, mainly silica slate, known by locals as “llicorella”, that gives Priorat its unique character. The llicorella confers the exclusive personality to the Priorat wines.

At Grifoll Declara, they believe in organic viticulture for all their vineyards. They always respect the environment and don’t use any chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides.

Just like their ancestors, they follow a philosophy of traditional winemaking practices with respect for the nature and environment. Their goal, besides growing high-quality grapes, is to maintain soil health and to be mindful of the environment