GRAPE: 100% Viura


VINIFICATIONSustainable farming. Hand harvest in mid September in 11 kg baskets, with grape sorting in the vineyard. Destemming, vatting and spontaneous fermentation. Cold maceration, except for one day of film maceration. Aged for 3 months on its lees in French oak to give it complexity and volume. Subsequent aging for 7 months without lees.

TASTING NOTES: Pale golden color, with aromas of stone fruit, tropical, floral and pastries. In the mouth it is fresh, with a balanced and unctuous acidity.

PAIRING: Shellfish and white fish are ideal. Casseroles, rice and pasta with béchamel are also suitable for pairing.

Tech Sheet:


After studying viticulture and oenology at the University of La Rioja and making several trips to national and international wine areas, in 2009, Javier Arizcuren  began to make a small amount of wine in the basement of the family house.

In 2016 Javier designed his “garage” cellar, an urban space converted into a place for winemaking and aging. The whole process is carried out by hand in a series of multi-purpose rooms.

With 19 hectares of vineyard, he only sells about 12,500 bottles. He seeks to reach 25,000, but “without subtracting time from work in the field”, which, he says, represents 95 percent. “Because if you work well the land and the vineyard, little hand you have to put in cellar“.

Lacking innovative technologies (“only mud jars can be considered innovation”), Arizcuren works in ecological, both, land and in cellar, with a minimal intervention “to get the purest expression of what comes from the field”.