GRAPE: Verdejo, Palomino Fino


VINIFICATION: Following the ancestors elaboration, after fermentation, the wine is kept in 16L glass bottles ‘damajuanas’ and placed outdoor for 18 months submitted to the extreme weather conditions of the Castilian summer and winters –10ºc to 38 ºC. During this time ‘oxidative aging’ takes place, confering the wine the Golden color as well as its characteristics flavors and aromas.Aged in oak barrels for at least 2 years prior to release.

TASTING NOTES: Golden color, clean and bright. On the nose shows its high alcoholic degree and its oxidative aging, as well as sensations provided by the oak used in its elaboration. Aromatic nuances of oaky nutmeg. Glycerol is shown with a wide range of nuts roasted background, with an important complexity contributed by its long oxidation in wood. It is long, dense and spicy.

FOOD PAIRING: Old cheeses, poultry stew, anchovies, cod or foie, also perfect for all kind of tapas.


  • 93 Wine Advocate (R.Parker)

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Félix Lorenzo Cachazo started his journey in the world of wine working in one of the old underground wine cellars in the village of Pozaldez (Valladolid), giving life to the old “Amontillados” wines – a variety of sherry wines.
There is little left of these strong and special wines, but we must not forget that they were the seed of today’s modern and successful Verdejo wines.

Félix was one of eight visionaries founding what is today known as D.O. Rueda. He was one of the “inventors” of changing the winemaking style, a change that resulted in the salvation of the Verdejo grape which at that time was condemned to disappear.

With a long wine tradition in the family, they own 35 hectares of vineyards and control another 190 hectares of the grape varieties Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Viura. These vineyards are both bush vines as well as wire-trained vines.